Web Development


One of Web Down Under's main focus areas is delivering complex business sites for businesses for public consumption. The delivery mechanism for this is referred to as the Internet, a globally accessible public network.

The main areas of our focus on the Internet are;

  • Microsoft .NET/ASP/HTML/DHTML
  • Multiple Browser support
  • Mail back forms
  • Database Driven Pages
  • Integration with Internal Systems


Your intranet is your internal web site.

This means you have the freedom of running web based applications through your office and ensuring that they are only available to your office.

An intranet can offer the following benefits:

  1. Security
    Only staff within your office who have acess to your network can access to your intranet.
  2. Performance
    Having a slow internet link will not affect your intranet applications as your web server is located on your local network.
  3. Consistent Environment
    Most offices implement a consistent environment within their network. By doing so, intranet applications can be developed without the complexity of supporting multiple operating systems and browser technologies. This also means that you can use the strengths of your chosen environment, like trusted authentication and Active-X technologies withing Microsoft Internet Explorer.


The term Extranet typically refers to a part of a business's Intranet which has been made available for clients and/or suppliers to enable business transactions to take place. This interface is normally provided across the Internet, but may also take place via a private network connection.

Many of the technologies that would be used on Internet and Intranet development are relevant in regards to Extranet development.