For many manufacturing companies and their suppliers, the Kanban (Pull) inventory replenishment system has proven very successful. However, as a Just In Time (JIT) process it has struggled to maintain pace with today's emerging technologies.

With eKanban you can now gain real-time visibility of your kanban status, decrease lead times, and reduce stock holdings. Most importantly the system can be up and running within days and at a fraction of the cost of other similar systems.

What some of our clients are saying:

With more customers now using kanban as the preferred supply method, the need for a complete tracking system was apparent. The problem with conventional tag replacement systems was that lead times of tags being returned for action was high and there was no immediate way to track these movements. Ekanban has given CMG the ability to successfully reduce response times and collect meaningful data to enable CMG to focus on particular areas in need of improvement."
- CMG Electric Motors

More details are available at our eKanban web site - www.ekanban.com